Skyrim is Out! A First Peek into the Game and More

Bethesda’s latest masterpiece just came last Friday, 11-11-11 (that’s November 11, 2011) and for those of you who were lucky enough to pre-order the game, it has been an amazing weekend of exploring, NPC quests, and figuring out whether you would want to double wield or to go classic with a weapon and shield or go all out with spells. But is Skyrim everything that it has been hyped up to be? Are fans of the previous Elder Scrolls games going to be happy? And just how important is that giant dragon to the game?

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Counting the Days till 11-11-11


Yes folks, it is time for another of our massive news round-ups. Packing in everything that our weary travelers had to say about their quick trips to the snowy Nordic territories, we have compiled enough information for a bard to sing about all through the night. So, will you stay for a spell? Read more…

After PAX and Gamescom: a Comprehensive “What We Know About Skyrim” Guide


We have managed to amass plenty of information over the past couple of weeks and despite the fact that we are still reeling from some of the awesome new we have found, we cannot help but share everything that has been confirmed so far. So without further adieu, here is Skyrim -as we know it.

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Story Recap: Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, or simply “Oblivion”, is the fourth installment of the critically-acclaimed series. This open world role-playing game has garnered mostly positive reviews and is a must-play for those who are still waiting for the release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Read more…

Bethesda’s Lawyers: We Own the Word “Scrolls”

Okay, we’ll be honest, this is another copyright infringement case, which is just like a thousand other electronics/media-related infringement lawsuit stories you will find on the internet. And normally, we really would not bother even to take a moment away from worshipping the images of new Alduin statue we just pre-ordered.

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Quakecon 2011 Childbirth: The first of the Dragonborn?

Atari’s parents got engaged at the end of Quakecon 2010. Both professing to be “die-hard” gamers (to name your kid Atari, no doubts about that), Chaz and Stefi made the decision to hold their wedding during the convention this year. However, the nuptial plans have been put to a halt after Stefi suddenly went into labor.

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Skyrim Collector’s Edition Now Available, Pre Order Now!

Yes, according to Bethesdas official blog, the collectors edition of the Elder ScrollsV: Skyrim is officially available for pre-order. More importantly, the item is in extremely limited quantities. So if you want one, it might be a good idea to pre order the item before you get the rest of the details after the jump.

collector's edition 
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Bethesda Ushers in New Players with Oblivion 5th Edition

The Elder Scrolls series has had a very strong and loyal fan base since the first game came out many years ago for the desktop PC. Since then, the series has moved on to become a major cross platform title, gaining more and more fans with its rich storyline and open world role playing gameplay. Before Skyrim, there has already been four major installments and quite a number of expansion packs as well.


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SDCC’s Skyrim Gameplay Video Reveals Plenty of New Enemies and Even More Dragons

Did we mention that dragons will be randomly popping out of nowhere and causing you plenty of grief and trouble? We meant it. The new gameplay footage that Bethesda has show off in the San Diego Comic Con features these giant winged pests that seem to be almost everywhere in the game.

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No Skyrim Demo

Despite many requests from fans, Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that there will be no downloadable demo for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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About Skyrim game and this blog

Greetings to Nords, Bosmer, Dunmer and all the citizens of Tamriel! The snow capped mountains may promise a cold and chilling wind to fresh arrivals, but here you will find refuge, calm, peace and hopefully, answers to whatever questions you may be seeking. From the borders of Hammerfell to the edge of Dawnstar, you will find no other safer refuge than here. "Where is here" you may ask? This is Skyrim 5, a site that covers anything and everything about the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series: Skyrim.

The Lay of the Land

Past the lands of High Rock and on the northernmost edge of Tamriel, you will find the true home of the Nords, Skyrim. In a new world set well over two centuries after the last of the dragon born and the hero of Kvatch has united the armies of the Imperial capital's allies and closed the gates of Oblivion, much as changed. The borders of Skyrim have extended much further to the south and dragons now fly freely across the skies.

If you have been to Bruma (far north of the Imperial Capital), then you would have had a quick glimpse of the culture and architecture that is associated with the Nord-run lands. Skyrim itself is very Nord in both politics and tradition, despite having been part of the empire for a long time, the culture of the north has remained pretty much true to its origins.

This is a vast land that now stretches before you, and it is long journey that you will be taking. Here at Skyrim 5, you can take a moment to take everything in, prepare and learn more about this brave new world.

More than Ale to Offer

More than just a random stop for travelers to take a rest, this site is a haven of information, news, updates about all things related to the skyrim game, its development and the growing community behind it. Open world RPG titles tend to be massive in scale and approach, and in order to understand the game fully, players would need a useful resource guide to help them on their way. Be it for figuring out what to do for the next quest or learning which dialogue reactions get the most rewards, this is where you will find all the answers.

Of course, our data comes straight from our own experience. So know that when we tell you about the best way to bring down a giant with a long sword, you could be certain that we have done it ourselves. With that said, you might want to hold your nose if you plan on combing through our potion recipes – certain mixtures have a stink that is hard to clean up.

News as it Happens

Skyrim 5's news articles tell you everything you will need to about the latest updates regarding the game. From major events to the small bits of reliable information, you can get it here. The best part is, you do not need to double check the facts and figures –we do it for you. All the news is accurate, coming straight from those involved in the development of the game and its distribution. If there is a major event, expect us to give you a heads up on it –who knows, the next event might be near your location!

A Time for Yourself

One of the best things about an adventure in the world of Skyrim is that it is not only about fulfilling prophecies, chasing after legends or saving one kingdom after another, it is also about you. You, who will be out there, right in the center of it all; one could even say that it is your actions that will propel the world of Skyrim forward. So what's a man (or woman) to do?

Prepare! And the best way to do it is to make yourself the kind of adventurer you have always hoped to be. Be it a sly old mage seeking a battle worthy of his powers or a dashing young thief hungry for more wealth, you can play any role you want in this world. You can learn any skill through practice, master any obstacle through wit and experience the world in a way that no else will. Your play-style affects how you interact with the game world, making each playthrough truly unique.

Here in Skyrim 5, we will give you a steady and guiding hand in the lengthy yet enjoyable path of character creation. From choosing a race to determining the sign you were born under (if the game still holds to the standards of Oblivion), we will be right by your side, giving you detailed information about every stat, ability and skill -and how it can help you out.

Choose Your Path

As Bethesda has announced, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game will be on three platforms; the Sony Playstation 3, the Microsoft X-Box 360 and the Windows PC, as such some gameplay aspects will certainly be different –such as the layout of the controls, the availability of mods and even the presence of the quick save option.

Since we will all be seeing the same world, much of the general tips and guides will still apply. Item locations will still be the same, as well as the enemy spawns per area. If there are any inconsistencies, we will be sure to point them out as well.

For Now, We Wait

With Elder Scrolls 5 game is still due out later this November, it is still a bit of a wait before any of us can launch a proper adventure, so for now, we shall patiently wait for the game to finally arrive. Some players have already started up new campaigns on older Elder Scrolls titles such as Morrowind and Oblivion just to get back into the spirit of the game, others are doing plenty of research across the wondrous tomes of the previous titles to understand the teasers of the upcoming title. One way or the other, we are all finding ways to pass away the time. But rest assured that when the game finally does come out, we will be among the first to venture out that door and conquer the frozen wilds.