Bethesda Ushers in New Players with Oblivion 5th Edition

The Elder Scrolls series has had a very strong and loyal fan base since the first game came out many years ago for the desktop PC. Since then, the series has moved on to become a major cross platform title, gaining more and more fans with its rich storyline and open world role playing gameplay. Before Skyrim, there has already been four major installments and quite a number of expansion packs as well.


Chances are, you might have already saved the world of Tamriel more than once. But not everyone has been so lucky to have had the chance to enjoy the previous Elder Scrolls titles. Many new gamers who started out with current generation consoles (the PS3 and the Xbox 360) may have even missed out on the wonders of Oblivion, let alone Morrowind and Daggerfall.

Now, to celebrate the upcoming launch of Skyrim on November, Bethesda has released the 5th anniversary edition of Oblivion. This little bundle packs in a paper map, the original Oblivion game, and the expansions for Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. It is a great bargain and one that many players will appreciate being able to try out before jumping into Skyrim.

Those who already have Oblivion and the expansion packs will not find much reason to get this version however, as the gameis completely the same. The only little incentive is the new XBL achievements support for the 360 version.

Sadly, the Playstation 3 release does not have support for trophies; no word yet if this will be updated on a later patch. But considering Bethesdas track record with PS3 patches, this is likely never to appear much like that issue with the vampirism sickness, there are many major issues in the PS3 version that has never been fixed. Hopefully, Bethesda will no alienate their PS3 audiences like this with Skyrim.


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