No Skyrim Demo

Despite many requests from fans, Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that there will be no downloadable demo for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

This may seem like a pretty bold move for a company whose competition has only gotten stronger in the past couple of years (Bioware, Obsidian and others), and considering that fact that most major titles due for November are getting demo versions out on the PC, Playstation Network on the Xbox Live, Skyrim could suffer from a little bit of underexposure.

Die-hard followers and Bethesda’s developers certainly do not think so (and so do we). According to Craig Lafferty, he and his team has managed to create a game so big and so multifaceted that a demo would not do justice to it. Also, the sheer complexity of Skyrim dictates that if the game was to be given a demo, it would have to be an insanely large one. And that simply would not work well –after all, what kind of gamer would waste time downloading a very huge demo file for only an hour (or less) worth of gameplay?

Do big games really deserve demo versions? Or are these samplers of games simply annoying teases that fans can do without until the game is finally released?


2 Responses to “No Skyrim Demo”

    21. November 2012 um 14:16

    Well you suck if you wont let us try a demo. How are we gonna now if we like it? HUH? HUH? HUH? Also, if your gonna have a video on the website at least make it so people can watch it!

  2. bethesda
    5. December 2011 um 14:02

    Skyrim will not release downloadable content for xbox