SDCC’s Skyrim Gameplay Video Reveals Plenty of New Enemies and Even More Dragons

Did we mention that dragons will be randomly popping out of nowhere and causing you plenty of grief and trouble? We meant it. The new gameplay footage that Bethesda has show off in the San Diego Comic Con features these giant winged pests that seem to be almost everywhere in the game.

According to the devs, the dragons will be a constant presence in the game but not to a point of over saturation. And that is really good news. After all, seeing a dragon suddenly swoop in to kill a giant charging down towards you is pretty impressive to see the first time. But to have it happen a little too often would be annoying. Some players who love to keep NPC companions alive will certainly find the random dragon encounters to be quite a challenge to get past.

While we have no confirmation if the fire breathing beasts will actually attack towns, that is not too much of a remote possibility. It has precedence after all; in Oblivion, during the mage guild quest, you can run into the main town of Bruma and have the undead follow you into the streets –villager will actually fight the giant skeletons barehanded and after dispatching the transgressors, they will greet you a good day and be off to do their business.

Anyway, the video brings more of the Elder Scrolls mythos into life with a little bit of combat footage. Using certain spells seem to have a bullet-time like effect, showcasing a massively critical hit (which was demonstrated on a hapless Drovgr Deathlord). Melee attacks on the other hand seem to trigger special attack sequences that can kill off an enemy instantly.

Once again, Elder Scrolls will level your character’s skills through use and practice. Which means that there is no way to be good at shooting bow unless you actually use the skill –it makes plenty of sense and sets this RPG apart from many other titles. And best of all, it defines your character uniquely to the way you actually play the game.

Does this footage sate your appetite or does it make you hunger for more?


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