Skyrim Dragons

Marvel at the ferocity of Skyrim’s roaming dragons…

skyrim dragon
skyrim dragon attack

Skyrim dragons are completely unscripted as noted in the E3 game play demo given by game director Todd Howard. This means they can swoop down and attack you at any moment in the game. There actions are very much random, which is why towards the end of the E3 trailer we see a dragon swoop down and clasp a giant in it’s claws before dropping him in mid air.

skyrim dragon flying above your warrior

The site of the dragons flying and hovering above in the sky can leave you in awe, you can find them everywhere in Skyrim which means you can’t just focus on what’s ahead in the game, keep one eye in the sky for your own sake!

skyrim dragon looking from high up
skyrim dragon gliding at you

skyrim dragon setting archer alight

Added more recently this shot is from the E3 trailer of Skyrim and shows how a dragon came down at random to attack Todd Howard’s warrior when he was giving a live demonstration of the game. The dragon subsequently burns the nearby archer before the warrior defeats the dragon and absorbs it’s soul, as shown below.
skyrim dragon down
skyrim 5 dragon soul absorbed


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