Quakecon 2011 Childbirth: The first of the Dragonborn?

Atari’s parents got engaged at the end of Quakecon 2010. Both professing to be “die-hard” gamers (to name your kid Atari, no doubts about that), Chaz and Stefi made the decision to hold their wedding during the convention this year. However, the nuptial plans have been put to a halt after Stefi suddenly went into labor.

The couple was happily (and excitedly) watching Todd Howard’s special presentation of Skyrim during the event and after the gigantic frost dragon appeared on screen, the first signs of labor begun.

Okay, before anyone criticizes the couple for sticking it out, the fact is that Stefi’s initial reaction was that it may be a false sign. True, Chaz was quoted as saying that “…she is a trooper and loves Skyrim”, but also, we cannot forget the fact that they had a wedding lined up for that very special day as well. It makes perfect sense that Stefi thought that it was a false sign. In any case, when the contractions continued, the couple finally went to the hospital. At least they got to watch the entire trailer.

And for those of you wondering, it’s a girl! Chaz and Stefi named their daughter Atari Lynn.


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