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What is the single most important improvement you want to see Skyrim?

There’s not much news this week in terms of Skyrim developments, new game play footage or anything else, so instead I thought I’d leave this post open to the fans of the Elder Scrolls. So I leave the site open to your feedback on the game…

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Pre Order Skyrim for a Free Cloth Map!

Skyrim Preorder Cloth Map

It looks like there’s going to be something very special for of you folks who have decided to pre-order Skyrim on any platform. A full color cloth map serves as a bonus collectible item for anyone who has signed up for the game.

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Skyrim Release Date

The Skyrim Release date is 11th November 2011 that’s the 11.11.11.

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You can pre-order the game from a whole bunch of retails including the following:

In the US

In the UK