pokemon tower defense

There are a huge number of tower defense games out there on the internet: most are pretty generic and barely worth a mention; a fair amount of them are fairly decent and can keep you occupied for a short while; only a select few titles are truly exceptional, however, and Pokémon Tower Defense has the honour of being one of them. Not only is Pokémon Tower Defense probably one of the most widely-known tower defense games on the internet, it is also the most accessible, bringing fans of the genre and the long-running media franchise together to enjoy something they love in one neat little title. If you already happen to be a fan of both Pokémon and the genre of tower defense, then this game may just be the perfect mix of strategy, storyline, battling, and collecting. Here, the Pokémon are your towers and catching them all the aim: you may very well lose a fair few hours of your life in the process without even realising.

Gameplay wise, Pokémon Tower Defense essentially takes the tower defense genre and uses it as a framework around which to build what is by far the best and most immersive browser-based Pokémon title in existence. The tower defense aspect comes in the form of the Pokémon being your towers, of which you are allowed to deploy a pre-chosen six at any one time, but amass literally hundreds in your total collection, battling and training them along the way. Pokémon Tower Defense follows a fairly rigid story mode development, which in contrast to Sam and Dan’s sequel, Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Generations, involves a series of pre-determined battles against a variety of wildly roaming foe as well as other Pokémon trainers. Battles take place in a variety of environments, each with their own battle zones where you can place the Pokémon; once all of the opposing Pokémon have fainted, you are victorious.

The format of Pokemon Tower Defense retains all of the classic elements of Pokémon. The Pokémon towers’ upgrade equivalent in this case is the levelling up of your Pokémon by gaining experience points through battle, learning new move and getting increasingly stronger as they grow. Pokémon look, behave, and pretty much are the same as their officially-licensed-game equivalents; they even evolve in the same way as in the official series. The most important aspect of the battle mechanic of Pokémon also forms the backbone of the damage system in this game as well, since the effectiveness of each Pokémon against its opponent is determined by its type. Fire, Water, Grass, Steel, Psychic, Bug; there are too many to list, but the point is that each has a particular strength or weakness against the other, making the strategic aspect of the game lay beyond simple placement of your towers; catching and training certain Pokémon types to use effectively against your enemy is also as necessity.

The game progresses in a manner that requires you to fulfil certain criteria before winning a battle, with the number of different layouts of terrain as well as the kind of Pokémon you will face being numerous. It has other elements such as challenge mode that allows you to win Pokémon by competing with a pre-chosen team, and the ability to engage in Pokémon trading and transferring of your Pokémon to the 2nd pokemon td game. In all, this game’ existence is a huge boost for the genre of tower defense, being perhaps one of the most accessible and most addictive games of the genre out there.