What is the single most important improvement you want to see Skyrim?

There’s not much news this week in terms of Skyrim developments, new game play footage or anything else, so instead I thought I’d leave this post open to the fans of the Elder Scrolls. So I leave the site open to your feedback on the game…

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Pre Order Skyrim for a Free Cloth Map!

Skyrim Preorder Cloth Map

It looks like there’s going to be something very special for of you folks who have decided to pre-order Skyrim on any platform. A full color cloth map serves as a bonus collectible item for anyone who has signed up for the game.

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Todd Howard: No More “I Want to Start Over”

elder scrolls 5 skyrim character change

Fans of Elder Scrolls do not have to think far back to understand what Todd Howard is talking about. Remember that time, just about an hour or two after you have escaped the prisons (and finished what is basically the tutorial of the game), and found yourself wandering about in Cyrodiil thinking “I don’t like my character, I want to start over.”

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Skyrim Confirmed for Quakecon 2011

From August 4 to August 7, Bethesda will be showing off what they have made for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas -the official location for Quakecon 2011.

skyrim quakecon 2011

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Skyrim Dragons

Marvel at the ferocity of Skyrim’s roaming dragons…

skyrim dragon
skyrim dragon attack

Skyrim dragons are completely unscripted as noted in the E3 game play demo given by game director Todd Howard. This means they can swoop down and attack you at any moment in the game. There actions are very much random, which is why towards the end of the E3 trailer we see a dragon swoop down and clasp a giant in it’s claws before dropping him in mid air.

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Skyrim 5 Game Play Trailer

So now we take a look at the game play in Elder Scrolls. This trailer is far better than the cinematic version as it shows you exactly how the game will look as it’s being played which is what really counts!

This video was recorded from E3 live 2011 and features Todd Howard the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim game director from Bethesda Game Studios.

Bethesda studios were showing a thirty minute private demo of the game at E3 but this trailer features a fair chunk of it!

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Skyrim 5 Trailer: Cinematic

Here is the official Skyrim 5 Trailer for the Elder Scrolls. This trailer is the cinematic version and does not feature any actual gameplay. If you want to take a look at the gameplay click here.

Skyrim Release Date

The Skyrim Release date is 11th November 2011 that’s the 11.11.11.

elder scrolls 5 skyrim

You can pre-order the game from a whole bunch of retails including the following:

In the US

In the UK

Skyrim realism seeps through to class choice

In Skyrim the ability of choosing a character class after playing the game for a while has been superseded by a more realistic and subtle idea. Bethesda have opted for a more natural progression of your character where your actions speak volumes for who you evolve into class wise and how powerful you become with particular fighting methods.

The team behind the next Elder Scrolls title has decided to step away from the obvious spoon fed choice of ‘what do you want to do next’ and is now allowing the player to naturally follow their own path with little guidance from the game. For me this is actually an respectful acknowledgement from Bethesda of how smart gamers are becoming from hundreds of hours of game play spent on previous role playing adventure games such as Oblivion.

Us hard core gamers no longer need the ‘pick this, do that’ sort of game framework, instead we need a game that allows us the ultimate choice regarding everything we wish to do. So whether it’s deciding your own characters skills and fate through to slaying any character that p**ses you off in the game Skyrim won’t hold you back.

With this comes more independent choices from your enemy as well. For example the unscripted dragons that fly all around the world. If they wish to attack you, breath fire in your face when they want, they will. Theres no preprogrammed comfort to be gained from many enemies, their ultimate goal is to have you disembowled before their hungry eyes. Get that shield up warrior!

Will Skyrim be a multiplayer online game?

Skyrim will not be an online game and nor will there be any defining way for players to connect with one another. Any such options will be only a small experience and will venture nowhere near the actual game play.

We all must have thought that Elder Scrolls was overdue a game that was online, an mmo version, Skyrim multiplayer options would have been a very nice addition so we could share this exciting role playing series with our friends. Sadly Bethesda has stuck to it’s guns in producing yet another solo role playing game (how lonely we shall be in this new dragon plagued world!).

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