Pokemon Tower Defense Generations

The world of tower defense games is a competitive place, with hundreds of different types and sub-genres ranging from balloon popping to robot smashing. The original Pokémon Tower Defense game offered a new take on the tower defense genre and incorporated everything that fans loved about Pokémon with the framework of tower defense holding it all together. This perfect combination is both repeated and greatly improved upon in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 and is the latest Pokémon creation from Sam and Dan games. In the game, you get to embark upon an adventure in story mode or go up against a series of trainers in 1 vs. 1 mode, as well as having access to a range of other features that makes Pokémon Tower Defense 2 the best browser-based Pokémon experience available.

The gameplay in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 will be familiar to those that have played its predecessor, and also to fans old enough to remember playing Pokémon on the Nintendo GameBoy. The 8-bit soundtrack and low-resolution appearance are purposely-used tools to create nostalgia, alluding to previous Pokémon games in a very effective way. In story mode, you progress through the adventure after obtaining your starter Pokémon in a similar fashion to the games of the official main series. You have the opportunity to capture, train, and battle Pokémon in both wild battles and battles with various trainers and gym leaders. Story mode plays out pretty much like a standard RPG, though with some quirky and humorous comments and references past Pokémon events from developer Sam Otero, who updates the game pretty much on a weekly basis to keep the adventure going and to ensure a constant flow of new Pokémon.

The battles themselves are where the tower defense aspect comes in. During the battles, you place your Pokémon in the designated square-shaped battle zones where they will use the selected attack automatically against any opponent Pokémon in range. Wild battles continue until the waves of Pokémon have passed or until your Pokémon have all fainted, whereas trainer battles continue until one trainer’s Pokémon have all bitten the dust. The range of Pokémon in the game is extensive, as are the moves that they go on to learn through gaining experience points during battle. Pokémon level up in a identical manner to the official main-series games, with all movesets and evolution levels being identical also.

This game also has a variety of peripheral features that enhance the experience, including a weekly mystery gift giveaway where clues are solved to obtain a code that is changed weekly which allows you to obtain a new shiny Pokémon. There is also a browser-based Pokécenter which allows you to engage in the trading and breeding of Pokémon should you want a distraction from the main game. 1 vs. 1 mod also provides some trainer-based battles that are similar to  boss/gym battles of the original Pokemon games.

Pokémon tower Defense 2 is a vast improvement on its predecessor, and its constantly-updated content will keep fans entertained for as long as the game continues to exist. The game is a must-play for fans of Pokémon and the Tower Defense Genre.